Son Jarocho is a unique hybrid genre of song and dance which emerged out the cultural melting-pot of the Spanish colony in Veracruz, Mexico over three hundred years ago. A musical culture with strong African roots, it also retains Spanish and Indigenous elements, and is both steeped in a proud purist tradition but also evolving through some of its hallmark features of improvisation, appropriation and fusion.  And yet, the vast, multifaceted realm of globalization is a whole new matter. Son Jarocho is experiencing a period of growth like never before, creating a tension between the ways of the old and the ways of the new. Antes como Antes, Ahora como Ahora (Before like Before, Today like Today), an independent feature-length documentary film by Australian filmmakers Blake and Tristan Copland, sets out on a journey of encounters across the broad Son Jarocho community, from the hot coastal plains of Southern Veracruz to the hustling urban realms of Los Angeles. At a time when Son Jarocho is redefining itself at the crossroads of globalization, the film is simultaneously a celebration of the genre’s diversity while also affirming the close ties that exist between the ranches, villages, cities and nations: an unbridled passion for life and creativity, family, political struggle, and most importantly of all, the fandango.

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