Port: Conduits of musical culture.

Before radio waves, recording media and the internet, ports were the primary instrument in the global diffusion of culture. Throughout history they have been sites of unique cultural exchange. They have been entry points for conquest and colonialism; lively nodes in the global network of maritime trade; ports of call for pirates and renegades; and the location in which hopeful migrants have first embarked into unfamiliar lands. Like the tide, cultures have come and gone, leaving behind their trail of influence in the teeming urban spaces of the port. Such processes are no more evident than in the form of music.

Voyage of Sound is formulating a range of proposals seeking to document various port cities and the musical forms which have originated from, or have been strikingly influenced by, the cultural fabric they provide. However, it will not only seek to document the musical rhythms of the port, but the rhythms of life which, in essence, are intricately intertwined to musical expression. Ports lie at the tingling threshold: the encounter between oceanic rhythms and life.

Image-artwork: Stephen Copland

Copyright © 2010 Voyage of Sound

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Antes como Antes, Ahora como Ahora


We have been considering the ways in which our own journey over the last three years has come to shape the actual story itself. During the project, we have steered clear of any those rigid or exacting guidelines often overemphasized in filmmaking – let alone, life itself - preferring to let the journey be guided by a river-like flow of encounters: one aspect of the culture revealing another, each element augmenting the other like a vast expanse of fabric which tightens intricately over Veracruz, so that our understanding and appreciation of it was continually developing. We also suspect that, such is the unique, evolving complexity of Son Jarocho, such a process could indeed go on forever.

Our preference for this way of doing things has been not only based upon our aims as filmmakers; it also reflects our passion for music and creative cultures. That is to say, this process of film-making for us has been a lived-process. Initially, we were drawn to this musical culture not as a filmmakers but people who see music as the language of the universe. Indeed, this still is the case. Son Jarocho only reminds us so.

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